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Quality professional design – with your own experienced design team

With the help of its own experienced design team, SCADA Group undertakes the professional design of automation systems.

For larger investments, professional planning is required by law, but it is important for any sized system to be designed professionally. An incomplete or non-tailored automation system costs far more than you can save on designing.

We prepare plans for custom devices, equipment, installation and pressure tests, primary instrumentation, control engineering, power supply, lightning protection, cathode protection, fire alarm and security protection systems and, even in the area of explosive risk.

We assess needs. We familiarise ourselves with the technology and user needs and determine the tools and equipment required.

We design. We work with the most advanced software (e.g. EPLAN, AutoCAD). We provide continuous training for our specialists in addition the compulsory training of the Chamber of Engineers.

We document. The design team will prepare implementation documentation and, if required, the maintenance documentation.